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iT Transmitter Series Intelligent Transmitter

Wilcoxon's own signal-conditioning modules that interface with traditional accelerometers.

  • 4-20 mA data output
  • Can be used in existing PLC/DCS Networks for condition trending
  • Provides dynamic output for more extensive vibration analysis
  • Over 30,000 configurations available! Custom order your iT Transmitter:
    • Acceleration, velocity or displacement input
    • English or metric units
    • Output of r.m.s. or peak, or Wilcoxon's exclusive true peak or true peak-to-peak
    • Selectable full scale
    • 10 mV, 100 mV or 500 mV sensor input
    • Choose high-pass and low-pass from over 20 possibilities

By utilizing your existing sensor infrastructure, Wilcoxon's Total Lower Cost (TLC) Approach reduces the expense of online monitoring.

iT Alarm
The iT401 is the first alarm module designed to work with any 4-20mA Loop-Powered device and/or the iT-series sensor signal-conditioning modules, providing easily-programable relay activation for use in condition-based monitorinng or process control.

Digital technology, along with simple face-panel push-buttons and a bright digital display means never having to open the unit to alter setpoints. Memory allows user to decide to keep changes permanently, or restore manufacturer defaults.
  • No need to make external wiring connections to iT-Series modules
  • Front-panel switches give access to all settings
  • No need to open case to change alarm settings
  • Alarm relays can directly control AC or DC loads
  • Relay high voltage isolation protects module circuits
  • Front panel digital display of input loop level during running conditions
  • Front panel digital display of alarm setpoints during programming setup
  • Can be used with any 4-20mA loop signal or sensor
  • Has capability to activate/reset any relay based on errors (such as loss of 4-20mA signal or iT-Series communiction)
  • LED displays operate faster than LCD(liquid-crystal) displays, are brighter, and operate over entire industrial temperature range

iT Series Communication Module
The IT501 Communication Module allows the user the ability to digitally communicate with the IT100/200/300 series of vibration transmitter modules. The communication uses a standard RS232 serial communication protocol. Computers or other digital devices can interface to the IT-series of vibration transmitters to request data using a typical RS232 serial port.

Multiple IT501 modules can be daisychained such that a single RS232 serial port can be used to communicate with multiple IT501?s.

Each IT501 interfaces to a single ITseries vibration transmitter module. Multiple transmitter modules cannot be connected to a single IT501. However, multiple IT501 units can be daisychained. The communication baud rate is 9600 baud. This will allow communication using the RS232 serial interface over 300 feet of cable.

  • Digital serial communication RS232
  • 9600 Baud communication rate
  • Connects one iT100-series vibration transmitter module to computer
  • Daisy-chain of single RS232 serial connection
  • Built-in temperature sensor
  • Communication indicators

  • Remote data availability for monitoring
  • No need for RS485 interface for multiple module connections
  • Use a standard computer serial port
  • Communication indicator lights provide visual status of properly connected modules and active communication


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